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Banner advertising is a monthly fee unless paid for by the year. see our prices below on the banner size images. Please note that this is a responsive website. That means that your banner could be resized a little. It could either go smaller or larger depending on The View of the monitor that's visiting this website. Have any questions on any Banner ad or would like to sign up please Contact Us today. We also have the 1250x150 banner too. 


What You Need To Know About Radio

Radio Reaches Over 90% of the Population
With over 230 million listeners every week, radio reaches over 90% of the U.S. population. However, that is not the most impressive thing about radio. The really amazing aspect of radio is how it personally connects with consumers. With its lifestyle-specific programming and lovable on-air personalities, radio has the power to reach a highly targeted demographic.

Our advertising associates specialize in radio. We know how stations operate and how to get you the best radio advertising rates possible.

Sponsorship is a long-term partnership, which keeps a brand at the forefront of the listener’s minds.

On-air sponsorships generate brand awareness through frequent name check mentions, along with a brief positioning statement.

Sponsorship opportunities on radio range from bulletin sponsorships such as weather, traffic & travel and sport to show sponsorships such as weekday breakfast, drive-time and weekend programming. Another option is to sponsor a unique programming feature created specifically for the sponsor. The message works even harder if there is a natural synergy with the sponsorship property and the advertiser’s brand.

As sponsorships build awareness in a subtle way, 3 months is the minimum duration recommended for a sponsorship.



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